Easter Bomb blast: Terrorists Ravage again!

Sri Lanka Bombings Update! Here Are Photos Of The Mastermind & 7 Suicide Bombers

The international criminal organization, ISIS has released photos they claim are the seven suicide bombers alongside the Sri Lanka bombings mastermind, who co-ordinated the terror attack on Easter Sunday.

The images showed extremist cleric Zahran Hashimand were released by the Amaq news agency, the death cult’s propaganda unit.

The terror group earlier named the bombers alongside Hashim as Abu Ubayda, Abu al-Mukhtar, Abu Khalil, Abu al-Bara’a, Abu Muhammad and Abu Abdullah.

They are all seen standing in front of an Isis flag.

Isis earlier claimed, through Amaq, that that the bombings were the work of ‘fighters of the Islamic State’.

No evidence was provided to support the claim.

On Monday, the Sri Lankan government named local terror group National Thowheeth Jama’ath as being responsible for carrying out the horrific attacks with the help of an “international network” of Jihadis.

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