AFRICAN INDEPENDENCE: Imperialism in disguise!


AFRICAN INDEPENDENCE: Imperialism in disguise!

For a servant to acclaim freedom from his Master, it encompasses psychological, social, economic, religious and political. The right to decides ones choice of life just like his Master.

But in the case of Africa, you all can agree with me that the reverse is the case.  Most times we're pushed to ask ourselves whether this freedom was granted because we deserved it (Out of struggle) or because it was a global declaration for the decolonization of all Nations under foreign rule.

This rhetorics are often raised due to the recent manifold of economic subjugation through the instrumentality of the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Majority of African states are tied down to the whims and Caprice of foreign control because we are highly indebted to them. So they Marshall out economic policies for us and even  decides our political fate. Who rules and does not. as it was evident in Mosi of Egypt, Gaddafi of Libya, Sudan etc.

Historically speaking, the World bank and IMF where brainchild of the aftermath of the second world war of (1939-1945) which was geared towards the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the devastated Nations of  Europe ravaged by the effects of the war. In a more clear term, it was solely meant to rebuild Europe and not Africa.

From global statistics; It is generally accepted that Africa's debt is too high to afford. As a proportion of gross domestic product and of export earnings, Africa's debt of about $350 bn is the highest of any developing region.

Therefore, the intent of these international financial institutions  from the view of some African economic scholars, it is exploitative in disguise. They seats on us like an octopus and sucks us dry.

Now I ask, can a man who is indebted to his fellow be confident to speak for himself? No!
This is the case of Nigeria where we always have to borrow to fund our budget on yearly basis.

The most shameful scenario is the case of our leaders travelling from  US, to London in quest for foreign aid to win elections, we've gradually willed the right of self determination as a sovereign nation to these imperialist for survival, the masses are gradually losing confidence in the electoral  institution as they now dance to the tune of this big Superpowers.

In a bid to salvage ourselves from the chains of foreign dominance, we must examine ourselves as  Developing Nations of the World, according to the jaws of Chinua  Achebe;

"A man who doesn't know when the rain starts beating him, will certainly not know when it stops".

We most shade away all forms of corruption; be it electoral, bureaucratic, or political. Tribalism, ethic primordial sentiment, religious bigotry, greed, with strong economic relations that will further strengthen member states, unlike the European Union (EU). In togetherness as Africans,  we can  reclaim our lost identity as a sovereign continent and  meet up with the shared dreams of the developmental Marathon race (SDGs).


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