It is only those who've lived in the ghetto and  slums will understand how cold, lonely, risky, and lawless the streets are. Especially when all your seeds sails there.

Today being 16th June, 2019. Everyone in the world celebrates Fathers day but 99% of us within this media street don't know what it takes for a child to live in this part of the world we find ourselves without a father.

Although we've read on newspapers, watched on TV and had of series of campaigns about the place of the girl child in the society which I equally subscribe to but it's so unfortunate that no one has ever stood to speak up about the plight, the ordeals the horrors, and all forms of challenges the boy child goes through in our society!

The girl child goes through challenges but the boy child is more vulnerable to lots of ill circumstances that turns him into a monster he ordinarily wouldn't want to be if given an option.

This is a true life story of the version of the boy child here in Calabar, I have had series of stories about a set of poor, homeless, orphans who where accused of been born evil and responsible for the death of their parents during childbirth, walking aimlessly within the streets and I was opportune to have a personal encounter with them today, but  I was heartbroken with their own path of the story.

After much interaction with the colony of boys; I came into conclusion that their only offense against the society was being born poor, either by irresponsible parents, or victims of circumstances and I asked myself; was it their fault?

We are only concerned about our own children attending big private schools, feeding well, putting on expensive clothes, visiting eateries, shopping mails, going on tourism, vacation in Dubai, and having all the luxuries without a thought about the homeless and hopeless boy child roaming around the streets without access to good education, parental upbringing, food, shelter, clothes etc.

The truth about this tragic story is that the hate we give them will certainly hunt us tomorrow! Yes, the children we failed to help thinking it's non of our business will certainly not allow us walk freely in the society because some,as a result  of frustration, depression and anxiety; might resort into armed Robbery, Kidnapping, drug trafficking and all sort of social vices inimical to societal norms.

This is an eye opener to the philosophical postulations of J.J  Rousseau on the notion of  equality of all men, he opines;

"Man by Nature is born good, but the ineffective nature of the society corrupts him"

In a view to put an end  "a  state of societal ruins" where  all forms of classes which might result to class struggle between the haves and have not or in a more appropriate approach, the axiom of  "poor against the rich", he avers as thus;...

Human beings need outside intervention to develop their natural propensity for good. “We are born weak, we have need of help, we are born destitute, we have need of assistance; we are born stupid, we have need of understanding.”

Therefore, I want to charge every Nigerian from the middle-class to the upper class that the only antidote to drastically eliminate the conflict trigger signs that will consume the society if not properly managed; we must learn how to extend charity, hospitality, and  love to the less privilege.

Even the National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) slogan says; "Build the Youth, Build the Nation"

According to a popular statement by Frederick Douglas in 1855, he avers;

"it is easier to build strong children than mend broken men"

He equally made a provocative comment as thus;

"I would unite with anybody to do right and with nobody to do wrong”.

In a nutshell, the decision is ours to make whether to solve this problem while it's minor or suffer the grave consequence when these children have grown wild like the beast preying on us all.

#PhotoCredit_by : Abdulwahab Dahiru Mijinyawa Esq.

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