THE 9th NATIONAL ASSEMBLY:  A Script Behind The Scene!


THE 9th NATIONAL ASSEMBLY:  A Script Behind The Scene!

Before I unravel the travesty behind the  National Assembly as an arm of government saddled with the responsibility of lawmaking, standing as channel of communication between her people and the government at the center; I wouldn't fail to congratulate SEN. AHMED IBRAHIM LAWAN on his emergence as SENATE PRESIDENT of the 9th. Assembly.

If we as Nigerians could take retrospective of the 30years of military rule in Nigeria alongside with the memorable and gruesome experience of STRATOCRACY, you all would agree with me that our democracy has endured 20years of uninterrupted regime (29th may, 1999- 2019). Therefore, the true manifestation of modern democracy should be our highest expectations comparatively speaking as it is applicable in Ghana of 1957,  Algeria of 1963, Tunisia of 1956, Israel of 1948, China of 1949, India of 1950 etc.

It is sardonic that the feasibility of democracy in Nigeria has been a mirage according to the jaws of CLAUDE AKE in his famous book (the feasibility of democracy in Africa) considering the quasi federal system, weak institutions of government, the centrality of powers in disguise of a well decentralized political system, the biased levels of government etc. All of this indices summed up  EMMANUEL WALLISTERN'S prepositions of DEVELOPMENT UPON UNDER DEVELOPMENT and the political cum economic realities of today.

Without party bias, the National Assembly has remained a rubber stamp legislative house or more or less an extension of the presidency quarters from Aso rock where his boys manifest the wishes of the President and any other contrary forces has always been subdued through the instrumentality of the political dogs "EFCC, DSS & ICPC" to frame, Maine, and pull down any form of opposition since 1999 till the wake of the 8th Assembly that wasn't a creation of President MOHAMMEDU BUHARI.

It was in the 8th Assembly under Sen. Bukola Saraki (Immediate past Senate president) we witnessed a cut out separation of powers, checks and balances and true practice of legislative proceedings but  from the manifestations of the outcome of the 9th Assembly, we would cross our arms believing that the principal officers would perform their legislative responsibilities without masquerading the decisions of  Aso rock...

Congratulations once more to all members of the 9th Assembly inaugurated today!

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