UK Commonwealth Office Blacklists 21 Nigerian States Over Terrorism Threats


UK Commonwealth Office Blacklists 21 Nigerian States Over Terrorism Threats

We're continuously traumatized by our own fears as the day goes by and government changes without a blueprint security technique laid out to curb this menace.

I was bewildered by the press release from the UK Commonwealth Office issuing caution to her citizens about the presence of terrorist attacks and militancy with in 21 States in the country.

The grave consequence of this statement is fatal to the economy of our country because it will not only scare British citizens but  will result to driving away our  foreign direct investment (FDI),  brain drain, and  collapse of internal  trade due to security treat which will slide us back to recession if not properly managed.

Security challenge is one problem bedeviling this country since the military stepped aside in 1999 to usher in Democracy in Nigeria but that doesn't mean other modern democracies are weak to handle her internal security issues unlike Nigeria.

The protection of lives and properties is assumed to be the core aim for the establishment of any form of government, be it Democracy, Oligarchy, Authoritarianism, or Totalitarianism but their is nothing to write home in the case of Nigeria.

This is evident in the series of security challenges spotted in the six geo-political zones in Nigeria like; the Boko Haram terrorist attacks in the Northeast, banditry in the Northwest, Herdsmen attacks in the middle belt, the Biafran struggle in the Southeast, and militancy in the South-snouth which have kept the country in a state of fiasco.

Every Administration has a problem but the Mohammedu Buhari's administration have not only forgotten but have failed in tackling this crisis due to its sycophantic and preposterous policies.

If we can take retrospect to 2014, the APC which was the Major opposition party slammed the PDP government on their incapability in handling security challenges through the media platforms, they used propaganda as a strong tool to clampdown the efforts of the previous government.

They faulted the idea of purchase of sophisticated arms to fight book haram and framed it a violation of human right with series of protest within and outside Nigeria with the "BRING BACK OUR GIRLS" match, by identifying themselves as the true Messiah to the ugly situation at then, but it is now worse as they are not only incapacitated but have caged the media houses from informing Nigerians on the series of genocide attacks perpetrated by the Fulani herdsmen and Boko Haram in the north, this is equally evident in the short down of DAAR communications, a media house owned by a member of the opposition party.

About 200 Nigerians lost their lives on monthly bases in Nigeria without the media carrying the news and the only thing we hear from them are "cooked lies" with the mere saying;

"We've technically defeated Book haram"


1. A true federal system of government

2. The establishment of state police to curb internal security challenges

3. Increment in allowance of security personnel to boost their moral towards work.

4. Orientation and reorientation of security personnel on security intelligence

5. Purchase of sophisticated weapons to drastically put an end to insecurity.

6. Freedom of information and media Right.

If all of the above mentioned recommendations are properly taken in to consideration, we'll bounce back to our feet as Nation dedicated with a better life for all.

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