Nigeria sliding to Extinction!

I was bewildered and felt  how creepy we're as a continent in the face of global Economic Marathon race, while other continents of the world are recording her scorecards, AFRICA is busy battling with corruption, civil wars as a result of weak Democratic institutions or pervasive military dictatorship to stand aside for a transition to Civilian government,  and all forms of ineptitude leadership style inimical to development.
The EUROPEAN UNION yesterday has mapped her way out into another face of continental prosperity by outlining technocrats as candidates to spare head the affairs of her Union.
NATO on it's own celebrated her achievement over the years after it's establishment with 12Nations and her current membership of 29member state alongside her enduring SECURITY COOPERATION with more promising goals in the near future.
ASEAN equally held her regional summit on the 1st. July 2019, with resolutions to further maintain regional cooperation and control with emphasis on the INDO-PACIFIC OUTLOOK.
AU is currently staggering to sustain Peace amongst nations state, and the little spark of hope for a unified continental currency is still perceived never to see the light of the day due to unnecessary suspicion, greed, and imperialist infiltration to truncate her efforts.
Despite our deficiencies, member states like NIGERIA still find priority in ANIMALS (RUGA) over human lives, inexperienced persons are appointed to head ministries, departments and agencies (MDA's) policies are initiated out of the canons of rationality, workers renumeration   neglected. The most painstaking of it all is her citizens now find solace in pleasure and luxury,  people stage protest over trivialities and forget issues of National concern.
This is where we're!

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