The formation of Organizations, whether National, regional, continental or intercontinental is geared to promote, enhance and strength the interest of the parties involved in the pact.
More so, before becoming a member of any Organization, a Nation must first consider the political cum economic implication of her membership if it's beneficial to her  National interest or not before signing to it. All of this indices summatively makes up a countries NATIONAL INTEREST. but in the case of NIGERIA; I doubt it.
Nigeria has been known as a giant in the comity of AFRICAN STATES due to her AFROCENTRIC POLICIES from the late 60's -till of recent time but it is with dismay, and displeasure that I ink my view with grieve as we're gradually sliding off from the political mainstream of the continent. Our reputation trampled upon, our efforts snobbed at and all we're ever known for is now a thing of the past due to the recklessness, clueless, unprecedented, undiplomatic, and unorganized decisions that are internally formulated and projected globally.
The (AFCFTA) was established on the 25th May, 2018 at Kigali Rwanda with about 44 members as signatories to the pact but Nigeria declined to it with the flimsy excuse of avoiding our country to be a dumping ground for cheap business activities.
It is worthy of note that the AFRICAN CONTINENTAL FREE TRADE AGREEMENT (AFCFTA) was a dream initiated in the AU extraordinary meeting in Johannesburg (SOUTH AFRICA) by member States.  but what pricks my imagination was the blank minds of those President advisory council that went with Mister President on that summit to quickly realize the politics behind it's creation and champion it to our advantage but they rather sat on their big pot bellies, slept in luxurious hotels and returned home without proactive decisions only for GHANA to pick up the showmanship.
The fact about the matter here is that this is the first time in the history of Nigeria's FOREIGN POLICY within the continent that we're not championing an organization, a beneficial one as a matter of concern. This is equally the first time in history that Nigeria is penning down her membership as the 54th member in the States rank and file Without getting involved in the decision making of the continental Economic organization.
Let's imagine if the headquarters of the Continental free trade was situated in Nigeria and the economic benefits it would have given us if we had earlier agreed to it. And let's equally view our late entry and the benefits thereafter.
1. The trade center that would have been in Nigeria if we'd championed the (AFCFTA) would now be situated either in Ghana or Kigali in Rwanda.
2. Economic policies will be taken by smaller States while Nigeria accepts whatever resolutions without a say.
3. About ten African countries declined to the Free movement of goods and persons due to Security and economic reasons while we signed to all the three treaty's without considering the negative implications.
In a nutshell, our membership as recorded on the 7th July, 2019 by PMB shouldn't be a thing a Joy but rather a time for sober reflection on how we've lost the opportunity of eating the  fish by the head.
This erroneous policies are evident with series of unguided statements accredited to our National integrity by President Mohammedu Buhari and his council of Ministers and I doubt the fate of our Economy in the next 10years.

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