BLEEDING NIGERIA: The Realities of a Dysfunctional Society


 BLEEDING NIGERIA: The reality of a Dysfunctional Society!

We have never witnessed heinous cases of mass murder in this present day Nigeria after the Nigerian/Biafran nightmare.

Today is another story of the murder of a Catholic priest; Rev. Fr. Paul Offu by the Fulani herdsmen in Enugu. I want to believe that No one has the right to take the life of another, but it's a different narrative in my country.

We have been unconsciously dragged into a state of Nature with the realities of death tolls in Nigeria perpetrated by the so called Fulani herdsman without a retaliating measure from the Federal government to encapsulate this menace.

My decency towards National affairs wouldn't drag my views into religious rivalry but the truth be told that MR. PRESIDENT HAS NOT FORGOTTEN BUT HAS FAILED to uphold the social contract he claimed to have entered with Nigerians on the 2nd February, 2019.

I was bewildered when the President addressed Nigerians on NTA after the visit of traditional rulers from the Southwest, instead of declaring these outlaws, (Herdsmen) terrorist; he rather  reaffirmed their legitimacy to live in any part of the country and my hopes for his integrity died.

I was told that the power of the press is mightier than a battalion of soldiers but in this Buhari led administration; the press and all media houses have been censored to dance to the dictates of the government and the international press has given up on us in abyss.

It is only in my Country that lives no longer matter to the government at all levels as opposed to the onus behind their existence and I therefore come to believe Nigeria to be an epitome of a DYSFUNCTIONAL SOCIETY...we're gradually facing our worst nightmare!

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