As a poetic line reads as thus;

"like father to son, the sun must set, the dark will stay to see the rising of another sun!"

This poem explains the beginning and end of ROBERT MUGABE OF ZIMBABWE. His uprising against apartheid system in the defunct RHODESIA now ZIMBABWE, he single handedly stood firm against the White minority rule in 1964 that led to his imprisonment for a decade and later released to pioneer the  ZIMBABWE AFRICA NATIONAL UNION (ZANU) in 1973 of which he was made President of the republic of ZIMBABWE.

His strides could be measured through his educational policy in eradicating illiteracy, provision of good life for everyone, equality in the White/Black dichotomy and most importantly; his believe towards the elimination of COLONIALISM  IN AFRICA and the liberation of all BLACKS in the world.

Despite this, he was known to be a dictator, a very autocratic leader, brutal, fearless and  tenacious towards political power. A man Who ruled ZIMBABWE for 37years; He was popularly called STRONGMAN  because of his adamancy towards power until he was forcefully pushed out of power in 2017.

Through the rise and fall of ROBERT MUGABE, we still miss the good life he lived and AFRICA MOURNS the exit of a hero.


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