Do anyone really know about the African perspective towards women's right in a patriarchal society like ours? I don't Believe many do, maybe their justification could be aroused by some sentiments but when it's a matter between them (men) and a woman; the storyline changes.

FAVOUR AKE, a young feminist and student of the Ignatius Ajuru University of Education, Port Harcourt; during a brief interview with Alali, Raphael, CEO; Naijaflashpoint.com.ng, a trending Nigerian  blog site reacted that; "The superstition or probably the notion that women must be second class being in a just and equal world l is a problem that needs acute attention, the notion that women shouldn't be given any form of Education, shouldn't be involved in politics or possibly the eradication of Matriarchy and the inalienable rights of women is a cancerous disease that must be cured in the mindset of  anyone propagating this unfair agenda."
A woman could be a victim of rape and the society would call her names, the stigma alone is enough in keeping her silent, she could be harassed by her boss in the office without talking and be denied of her legitimate claim to her parents inheritance, all in the name that she is a woman.

She further expressed her displeasure over the serial killing of women in Port Harcourt, the capital city of Rivers state, she applauded the impetus proven by Rivers women in taking up to the Streets through a peaceful protest in calling up government attention to this Femicide and appreciated the officers of the Nigerian police for their swift response in arresting one Gracious West who was suspected to have been in this gruesome act of murdering ladies in hotel rooms.

Their must be an equal and fair rights given to  everyone irrespective of our gender as we are all created equal by God.

It's right time we stand firm in the face of oppression and religious fanatics as the likes of; Angela Merkel of Germany, Christiana Fernandez of Argentina, Theresa May of Britain, Tarja Halonen of Finland and many but a few to mention who survived it all.

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