It's laughable that I watch media supporters of the PDP in high expectations of the preconceived verdict of the above subject matter; i only see this hopes as a mirage or probably an illusion. This is  due to our amateur democracy and the battered integrity of the Nigerian Judiciary that have been offered in the alters of authoritarian rule.

Let's face the reality from the allegory of political parties and you'll all see that the Nigerian Judicial system under PMB is a walking corps  awaiting a feast from Ravens.

With the recent verdict of the various petitions raised at the tribunal ranging from State assemblies, Reps, Senate and gubernatorial; you can all attest the high level of impunity and judicial highhandedness perpetrated by those monuments called JUDGES.

They might throw the first round of victory in the favour of the PDP at the tribunal tomorrow but ATIKU will certainly not survive the supreme court verdict. Take it to the bank.

Now in the place of #patriotism, I only see a patriotic Nigerian as one standing firm for only THE GOOD of one's country, irrespective of personality or party bias.

I'm still a fervent supporter of the PDP but this is my perception about the reality. I'm sorry if the truth hurts anyone.

Therefore I would advice as many who cares to adhere to please wake up to the reality of things.

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