When some of us raised alarm over the weak institutions of the Nigerian government, bartered democracy and the deterioration of the Nigerian foreign policy in the comity of states; some person's beclouded with party sentiments clamped down on our view and it's now obvious that the South African government is paying deaf ears to the word #Deterrence because we don't have what it takes to match our words with action in abrogating our relations with them bearing in mind that we're parasitic in all ramifications!

Who could imagine South Africa that we (Nigeria) sponsored ECOMOG in 1987 to restore peace and sustain her economy, abhor political asylum, could today give us a dirty slap on our face without retaliation.

The panacea to this clamp down on the integrity of the Nigerian state is the building of a strong and viable Democratic institutions of government, a sustainable economy to provide employment opportunities alongside a peaceful and enabling environment for indigenous business to strive, a paradigm shift in the leadership style etc.

If the Nigerian government is liberal enough to  bear the pains without any form of retaliation; they should rather pursue this case through the judicial system by taking up the Xenophobic attacks on her citizens to AU court on arbitration, demanding for a national apology alongside reparations for the losses the South African citizens have cost Nigerian residents, else this vicious, repugnant illicit and barbaric act will repeat itself again.

For the love of Africa and for the dedication and proposition of Afrocentrism upon which the Nigerian Nation state have pledged to maintain in playing the Big Brother African role; the government must take it upon her self to end this maniac and sustain her hegemony with in the African continent.

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