Global Crisis: Goodluck Jonathan to be Appointed Envoy

 United States, France, UK, China, Russia and the United Nations set to appoint GOODLUCK JONATHAN the U.N. Global Crises Envoy.This role similar to that of Tony Blair who on leaving office as United Kingdom Prime Minister was appointed the Middle East envoy for the United Nations, European Union,United States and Russia.

Goodluck Jonathan would be the first African past Head of State to be assigned such role.

From lecturer to Commissioner, from Commissioner to Deputy Governor, from Deputy Governor to Governor, from Governor to Vice President, from Vice President to Acting President and from Acting President to President. Now, from President to a World Leader!

Do we really think this could be a reality? Yes it could due to his past antecedent in conflict management and the avoidance of electoral crisis that almost erupted the enduring political Peace in Nigeria in 2015 and his roles in the monitoring of electoral processes and mediating between governments within the sub sahara African region and Africa as a continent.

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