It is salient we create friends with benefit, not wasting much of our lives with people who have no benefit or positive impact to our lives. If you ask me; I wouldn’t spend my time with people who have nothing impacting in me. This is applicable with our constant engagements on the social media on daily basis. It has equally been proven that some persons spend eight (8) hours out of the twelve (12) hours day time chatting with friends and watching pictures only.

If you would ask me; I would say it’s a waste of time needed to use into something productive, informative, and impactful. Yes I am social media friendly but I trennd my life with Uptrennd. This is because Uptrennd is the only outstanding social media platform that is crypto-oriented with much information on the paradigm shift in the global financial system where the rigor and difficulties in the process of transactions is been defeated with the rise of modern technology.

The monopoly of finance and all forms of business barriers are crumbling to the wake of modern technological innovations backed with the blockchain technology that operates with a transaction means which is the BITCOIN and its subsidiary exchange medium which is the cryptocurrency.

With the dividends involved in this super media platform, we are gradually growing a league of people in Nigeria about the spectacular offer that comes in joining this mind blowing platform and I am very optimistic that we will trend our businesses, fashion, entertainment industry with millions of users trending with Uptrennd.

Therefore life could never be so interesting and colorful without one having a sense of belonging, purposefulness with exceeding joy…this colorful aspiration could only be achieved through UPTRENND. The only business and informative social media platform that is crypto-oriented that shows a high sense of concern for her users on the platform and ensures a friendly, healthier, easygoing and lively interactive medium for all her users.

Uptrennd rewards users on her platform with its token for ones participation on the platform, this is what other social media platforms like; Facebook, could not do and as a person, I have chosen to trend my life with Uptrennd. What about you? I need your take please.
you can join the league via this link; Uptrennd

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