WORLD TEACHERS DAY: The Fate of Nigerian Workers on #30,000 NMW


As Teachers around the world celebrates her day in their home countries with records of her achievement in contribution to national development alongside an industrial relationship with workers and government in terms of workers welfare and remuneration, NIGERIA is still crippling to meet up this industrial harmony in terms of rewarding the patriotic and enormous contributions of the labour force towards National growth.

After a brief interview organized by #View_Point (Rythm 93.7) with Chika Onuegbu-Third National Deputy Chairman of TUC. It is obvious that the Federal government only made lips promises to the NLC just to find it's way to ASO rock during the 2019 process of transition and has invariably reneged on it's tripartite agreement with stringent policy of retrenchment after increasing the Value Added Tax (VAT) from 5.5- 7.5.

It's terrifying that more than 8,000 Nigerians middle-class Nigerians will fall below their class due to the untold hardship that will hit the country as a result of inflation in the price of goods and services.

It is worthy of note, following the statistical analysis of INTERNATIONAL LABOUR CONGRESS about African countries with increased labour wages; SOUTH AFRICA, ZAMBIA, SENEGAL are on the lead with south at the top rank of 14,400rands which amounts to  #346,003.20 Nigerian Naira as their monthly minimum wage. This was made public with speedy implementation by president Cyril Ramaphosa on 1st Dec. 2018.

From an economic point of view, even if the Nigerian Federal government should fantastically agree on the payment of #30,000 national minimum wage (NMW) it wouldn't have any positive effect on the economic wellbeing of workers as it wouldn't be commensurate with the inflated market price by then.

So if anyone is telling you about the record in the success of government of PMB to the advantage of labour or the ordinary citizen from 2015 till date and you believe, then I must come to believe that you must be influenced by a highly intoxicant (bribery).

Written by: Raphael Alali

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