Creativity and Purpose: Arugu Enaanoe Sinks Deep!


A literary gladiator; Arugu Enaanoe, a rivers born from Odual  wrote!

According to my mentor Dr. Dumani Damie, every work of arts is aimed at producing some external good. Philosophically speaking, "Good" is whatever that can perfect an existent, that which is appropriate or suiting. And the Good that #Dumiks Ceramics produce is called "Intrinsic good" by virtue of the inherent value of the "final cause" of the artistic masterpieces.

The purpose for every work of art is largely determined by its "formal cause" and it functions with respect to its external features. Just like the philosophical principle of Thomist ontology puts it- "Agere sequitur esse" (Action follows being), which implies that the moral duties of an individual are grounded on the individual's being. In other words, we are obliged to do what we're created to be.

After a brief media chat with the CEO, naijaflashpoint; Mr. Raphael Alali, he futher convinced him on the truckload of interest potentials in Frank as thus; 

Let me expatriate artistically, said enaanoe;
For instance, if Frank Dumik moulds a particular masterpiece i.e a cup, that cup will function as a drinking vessel in direct accordance to its design. If it were without a receptacle, it will not fulfill this function completely and hence, wouldn't truly be a cup. It might be something else but wouldn't perform the function of a cup.

The same way, the complex nature of the human person determines his purpose.
A person functions as a man because of his anatomical, chemical and neurological structures. Without the Y- chromosome, testosterone and different sized parts of the hypothalamus of the brain called Amygdala and hippocampus, a person would not function as a man. Just as the X-chromosome, Estrogen, progesterone, ovaries, fallopian tube and other organs makes a person function as a woman. 

The possession of intellect makes humans function as rational beings. The possession of a volitional dimension gives man freedom and will which makes man a moral agent. And the spiritual nature of man makes him share in God's transcendental qualities, provides the exigency to worship and creates the possibility for immortality.
It’s the design of the Absolute and this is the significance of creation.
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