Didia Speaks On; Feminism and African culture. (What do women really want?)

Mr Sofunichi Didia, an Msc. Holder in Public Administration and astute scholar on public policy is a Rivers man who hails from Omerelu, a Community under the Ikwerre National Ethnic expressed his view about the rise of African Women in shouldering with men in all sphere of life. He avers;

"Feminism is the advocacy of women's rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes. Equality on political, social, cultural, economic and on moral grounds".  Didia claims.

On political grounds women wants to control the political environment as much as men do. They want to become heads of state, governors and local government chairmen, they want to hold a greater percentage of political appointments and control men on the basis of equality.

On cultural grounds, they want to become royal highnesses, ofor title holders, elders and finally they want to inherit properties just like men. They want to perform libations and rule over the men.

On religious grounds, they want to become priests, pastors, imams, bishops, popes and traditionalists like (ezenmo; custodians of ancestry spirits).

Socially, feminism is targeted at the headship position of men in the family. Where women will not perform some certain roles because they are women. They want a situation where roles in the family can be performed by anyone irrespective of sex, to them any body can do the cooking , wash the clothes and mop the house.

"I have not lived for a donkey years, but I was born in the early 90s and I make bold to say that I lived and grew up in a society that portray true African cultures, a society where men enjoyed headship, a society where woman were happy to be subservient to men. " A society where women were seen and not heard, a society where women only wanted to associate themselves with decisive men. A society were women were never interested in taking the lead. "I was privileged to be born at a time when African culture and perception about sex(gender) could still be seen, felt and touched." Didia reacted.

Feminism is antithetical to African culture. I used to admire a very beautiful damsel, so beautiful and intelligent. On our first date we spent hours arguing about feminism, she insisted and paid for our food and rejected transport fare from me. She claimed feminism have come to stay and can only be sustained if women handle their bills themselves. I got irritated and that killed my feelings on arrival. 

"Sometimes I ask myself the rationale behind feminism , I see hate, ignorance, disloyalty and pride as the reasons that have contributed to its growth." He confessed.

Feminism have also contributed greatly to broken homes and the high level of divorce, like a friend posted sometime ago

All feminism stand for is what African culture should not be. Feminism is western and should remain so.

I stand against violence against women, I stand against feminism.
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