Iyaagh No Get Friend: The Untold Story of a Survivalist!

 The concept “survivalist” from a literal sense simply means; a person who advocates or practices  the principles of survival (Survivalism) Especially; one who has prepared to Survive in the anarchy of an anticipated breakdown of society”. The preparedness for survival enquires endurance in the face of challenges, by devising whatever means (either by the hook or crook) one could employ to stay alive.

 In other words, the concept survival also means the state or fact of continuing to live or exist, typically in spite of an accident, ordeal, or difficult circumstances. All of these pictures the life of the ordinary Nigerian citizen who has little or no means of livelihood, in his daily struggle to make ends meet.

IYAAGH NO GET FRIEND according to Akemaseph ThankGod Ayara. , is a local slang first used by Amalem Community Youths, now used by a growing number of youths within the Niger Delta Region to express their zeal, drive and  tenacity,  to make a living despite all odds, it connotes alartness, with high instinct in making rational decisions to escape urgly situations believing even your own bossom friend could undo you just to survive. Although another set of youths have viewed it from another plank as a burning desperation for survival in the midst of hardship, and battered economy, where opportunity resides basically on connection (man know man).

In a more appropriate manner of veiling the idea behind the ideology; “IYAAGH NO GET FRIEND”, IYAAGH simply means crocodile in the Ancient Abua language. And from the African folktale, it is believed that the crocodile way of life centers on might becoming a right. Survival is demonstrated through combat for supremacy. Only the smartest and strongest stays alive.

The orientation of the IYAAGH NO GET FRIEND cluster of friends is synonymous to the dictates of Nicollo Bernado Machiavelli's postulations on the means of gaining principalities and  sustaining them. this equally does not erase hard work, but luck according to them is born out of  commitment and hard work and not by miracle. 

Smartness to them entails the use of the cognitive, affective and psychomotive skills. the ability to live and survive any environment, and the high level of consciousness that tricks and the yearnings to outsmart the other is what defines the other side of life, therefore their alacrity to overcome being nailed down by traps is on the high side. not forgetting that outsmarting the other when opportunity calls isn't a bad idea...they call "it survival at fight sight".  

It is also not too far from the truth that crocodiles are very selfish, brutish, and always antagonizing. No one owns property amongst them, therefore opportunity resides at first sight on whatever seems edible. You will equally agree with me that in an environment where opportunity resides at first sight, there is nothing like friendship because everyone is a lord over his stomach. Therefore feelings and emotions for another is alien within that circle.

This broad explication about the ideology; IYAAGH NO GET FRIEND, using the life a crocodile to reflect on human society goes a long way to unravel the despicable nature of a survivalist in a society mortgaged by selfish and corrupt leaders who have battered our common wealth amongst their booties, leaving nothing but pains, unwanted hardship, crumbling economy, which in turn has triggered the poor, downtrodden and common man within the streets or slums out of hunger in a bid to survive, becomes a crocodile. He knows no friend at that point, therefore operates with the notion; “opportunity residing at first sight”. At this desperate and despicable point, his feelings and emotions for another dies and survival the only banner he lifts. He can even bite his own just to lord over his stomach (poverty).

The cannibalistic Hobbesian state of nature is not too far from a society ruined by the drive for primitive accumulation of public wealth for personal aggrandizement. Where corruption prevails, development ends, where development ends, underdevelopment rises with fury. This fury is sighted with lawlessness and decay of morality from every one. Sanity at this stage dies unnaturally because people are now made beast out of circumstance.

This is what is gradually prevailing the current Nigerian state, until our leaders sits down to stir the country in the part of progress by salvaging the deplorable state of our economy where life will be better for everyone, the tale of IYAAGH NO GET FRIEND might befall on us. This is only the darkness we fear to face, at this catastrophic phase, even our own shadow will flee...

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