Culture as they say, is a way of life stamped in the way the people think, feel and behave. It is a treed that transcends from generation to generation.

After a brief interview with the CEO of Naija Flash Point; (a mainstream Nigerian blog site) Mr. Alali, Rapheal on the 2nd January, 2018. Who happens to be an indigene of Abua, in a bid to expatiate the historical background that gave rise to this rich cultural dance, further cite that;

"The people of AncientABUA are known for creativity, hard work, love, rich indigenous food and hospitable nature to strangers and foreigners. All these attributes gave rise to the establishment of a unified traditional institute where the laws (IILOGH EEMA) of the people are strictly followed, respected, protected and projected by the RULED Across the four clans (EMUGHAN, OGBO-ABUAN OTAPHA AND OKPEDEN) in Abua."

Certain incidents and good experiences has equally paved way for the observation of festivals in remembrance of the heroic strides of the people and the EDIM ELEME DANCE is one to be reckon with.

Historically speaking, a certain man from EMILAGHAN COMMUNITY was on a hunting expedition in a certain forest named ELEME and out of his scout for a daily bread, there he had a sonorous song accompanied with heavenly beats of ARAKAMA (our local drums) and his eagerness to feed his starving eyes unconsciously tabled him before the Assembly of the Spirits of ELEME forest where these aliens where gorgeously dressed in radiance of red tailored by their costumes.

His adamant moves for the display beyond; channeled the knowledge of the ELEME DANCE to the EMILAGHAN people that is usually observed in every 7years.
With the advent of relative PEACE enjoyed by the people in the political territory (ABOLGA), the EMILAGHAN COMMUNITY deemed it fit to to launch the play in acknowledgment of the spirit of brotherhood embellished in the minds of the people.

It is worthy of note that Abua is an ancient kingdom and an ethnic group in Riversstate of Nigeria with wide range of historical background spiced with her rich culture, history, hospitable life, and well respected traditional system.

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  1. It's very facinating & a signpost to the existence of "THE UNSEEN ONES". This reminds me of the now forgotten "Obe Spiritual dance" from neighboring Ebogidi community.

  2. May I plead with Adiabilo Akari & Raphael Alali, to liase with the curator, Dighinino Nengim alias Ekoro, Edaba in documenting this rare feat pls. ( Chf Oye Benibo JP)

    1. Ok, I am also thinking in this direction. I'll contact Raphael but I haven't met him personally. I'll have to make some moves now that you've suggested.