POWER OF The MEDIA: Why Trump is Currently Hated!

The media has been a strong tool by governments to project their image in the international community. It has equally been used as a strong tool of propaganda by opposition party to disrupt, derail, or perhaps incite the populace against the ruling party which could probably give them a better opportunity to win in subsequent elections.

If you're relying on updates from #CNN_News, you'll unconsciously exhibit hatred for #President_Donald_Trump. This statement has been backed by a growing number of pro-trump that  #Democrats  uses the CNN to castigate, relegate and de-market, his administration. Just tune to #Fox_News and you'll get a different media story about Trump from their news headlines.

The current global dialectics about the person of Presidenttrump with a plank believing him to be a Leviathan, dictator and  enemy to global peace, the other plank has seen him to be an antidote to global peace, his zero Tolerance for any form of annihilation of states by state, terrorism. He is  also believed to stand against unguarded statements capable of threatening global peace with a vision to further strengthen the principles of collective security.

In this era of dynamics and uncertainty in world politics, it is advisable we meticulously study the daily events that unfolds within the International community before coming to a conclusion.

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