Young Female Nigerian Brands Local Groundnut to International Attraction

DO YOU KNOW that Abua Groundnuts is the Best and one that you should always have in your home? It is;
•Aflatoxin Free and
•Rich in Milk Content
•Highly Satisfying and more
Why not give it a Try.
I bet, you will Gift it to others!

If i may ask, who is this young female Nigerian Youth and where did she hail from?
It may interest you to know that Ilode Ogbokuma is a graduate of the unique University of Port Harcourt with a B.A (HONs.) in theater and films studies. She is an industrious young entrepreneur who hails from Omelema community in Abua/Odual local government of Rivers State who has committed her time, energy and resources in creating an indelible mark in the field of business. with the few or scare employment opportunities in Nigeria, even in the midst of great fear of the epidemic disease (Corona virus), plaguing global economy, she seeks in satisfying the affordable need of the ordinary Nigerian through the production and branding of our local groundnut popularly called "OYEKERE" in the ancient Abua parlance.

ILODEIPE OGBOKUMA Is also into the production of alovera oil known as ilode oil, a body cream oil produced from coconut oil meant in smoothing the skin from skin diseases, and spots. her omnivorous skills in entrepreneurship has unleashed her as a trailblazer in business and commerce among her peers in Rivers State and beyond.

She is currently the CEO; ATIK GLOBAL SERVICES.
Rivers State Deputy Coordinator, Nigerian Association of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture, Youth Entrepreneurs (N.Y.E). River State Executive Director, Africa's Young Entrepreneurs (A.Y.E) with lots of achievement but a few to mention credited to her.

A significant attribute about ILODEIPE  is that she is Passionate about Motivating and Inspiring Young, Emerging, and  Aspiring Entrepreneurs through;
Trainings, Mentoring and follow up

Follow her on FB and Instagram @atikglobalservices
Finally, Amb Ilode is breaking grounds

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