It is obvious that our fate on crude oil is gradually fading off with the recent fall in the price of oil at the international market alongside the paradigm shift championed by highly industrialized countries on renewable energy resources like; solar, hydroelectricity and wind energy etc..


It is on this premise that Ilodeipe Ogbokuma, (CEO; Atik Global services), a young, beautiful, elegant and industrious Rivers indigene who hails from Omelema community of Abua central deemed it pertinent to organize a sensitization campaign in Abua central with the team; "leveraging on agro products for community prosperity" on the occasion of her birthday.


Ilodeipe bitterly expressed her feelings on how farmers labour hardly in their respective farms but end up making little or noting out of their time, energy and resources put together. she promised them as thus;

 “I feel your pain as you invest so much in your farms but makes nothing out of it, rather those who buys from you are the ones making hundreds of thousands in their supermarkets over there in the city.”


She further classified the women according to their areas of farming and educated them on the use of mechanized farming to improve a healthy harvest and maximize output productivity and promised partnering with an Agro oriented non-governmental organization to help leverage the efforts of her people. (Below is a team of her members)

In furtherance of this dignified efforts, she invited the lawmaker representing the good people of Abua/Odual at the state house of Assembly; Hon. Barr. Solomon Sokolo to witness the historic occasion and admonish the women on his plans as a lawmaker in salvaging the women from the shackles of poverty as he promised  in mechanizing agriculture in the local areas during his campaign.

The program ended with accolades from community youth presidents in appreciation of  kind gesture. they thanked her for giving them a sense of belonging as a people.

Ilodeipe gave a final word of admonishment as she thanked the people for their patients and attendance, she urged them to rely on themselves as no greatest achievement can ever reach a people without confidence in what they can offer for themselves even as government tries to do their best through poverty elevation programs.


It may interest you to know that Abua-odual is a local government in Rivers state with a population of about 282, 988 according to the 2006 population census. With its headquarters situated in Ayama. It is a conglomerate of two ethnic nationalities i.e the Abua people and Odual people.  While the Abua people are predominantly farmers who majors in the pineapple farming, palm oil and palm kernel oil production, cassava farming, and dry gin production popularly known as Abua first eleven while Oduals are people blessed with fertile land with a predominant population of fishermen and farmers who engage favourably in plantain and banana farming, all of which they make ends meet with.



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